Games will be played in  Minot State University Bubble, MSU Dome and the Wellness Center.

When looking at the map of Minot State University, the fields listed as Bubble 1, Bubble 2, Bubble 3 and Bubble 4 are played at Herbert M. Parker Stadium.  

Directions to Stadium

Entrance to the Bubble fields can be found on the Southeast corner of the bubble.  The stairs leading to the entrance can be found on 11th Ave NW (west side). Entrance to Dome is found on the south and north sides of the building. Main entrance is off of 11th Ave NW.

Outdoor shoes may be worn for games played in the bubble.

Indoor shoes must be worn for games played in both the Dome and the Wellness Center.

There is no seating in the bubble.  Chairs are allowed to be brought in as long as they have plastic bottoms.

Only water is allowed in the bubble.  No other food or drink is permitted. 

Concessions will be found in the Dome.

For wheelchair accessibility use the elevator found on ground level on the NE corner of Swain Hall.